About Us

At Qura Research and Diagnostic centre, we are compassionate about delivering the highest standards of healthcare. Be it having the most polished doctors and staff, cutting edge technology or state-of-the-art-infrastructure when we are passionate about the lives that have entrusted to us, nothing is too big or too small for us to ignore.

Using the most exemplary degrees, latest technology and our compassionate care, all under one roof, our aim is to raise the bar of diagnostic and research centre. We want to be that quintessential centre in Bhopal that will change the way how people think about diagnostic and research centres.

We firmly believe that every individual has a choice in choosing the best diagnostic centre in order to seek the right guidance and treatment. And we want to be that choice!

Our Services
  • Qura Radiology
  • Qura Fetal Medicine
  • Qura Pathology
  • Qura Anetental Lab
  • Qura Physiotherapy
  • Qura Polyclinics
  • Qura Pharmacy
  • Qura Genetic Counselling
Our Vision

We envision the world where every person has access to quality care and diagnostic centers where they can go to maximize their chances of a healthy life. And when they envision this, we want our name to come up in their minds.

Our Mission

Qura aims to uplift medical diagnostics to its highest level and seek to help patients in the most difficult phases of their life. Qura Diagnostics also aims to lighten the load of a possible medical condition primarily by providing reliable results and quality imaging reports that are second to none.

At Qura, we consider it our mission to improve the life of others by using the combination of compassionate care and advanced technology.