Qura Circle

Qura circle is a small step to put our relationship with you at the centre of our care and to improve the services we deliver. In the past few years, we witnessed the way how diagnostic services perform and deliver and we thought that it needs a veering. A personalised touch to it is needed. That is why we introduced Qura Circle, 360-degree wellness program which is a unique holistic approach in the depersonalised medicine market.

Under this, the patients can come to Qura Diagnostic centre and get a diagnosis done suggested by the doctor. Since diagnosis is an integral part of the healing process, for it, one needs a radiologist who advocates the reports properly, so that the patient feels more connected and that he is not being cheated. Just like we all have a family doctor we need a family diagnostic centre. Qura circle is exactly about being that family diagnostic centre.

So that it can provide direct access to the services in the prompt, unhurried fashion.

Some of the many benefits that Qura 360- degree wellness program offers are
  • Personalised, comprehensive care with a long term relationship
  • 20% discount on all diagnostic services
  • Access to Family members also (up to 4people)
  • Convenient Same-day or next-day appointments
  • On-time appointments and longer visits when needed to address multiple concerns.
  • Right Guidance and Suggestions
  • Maintenance of the medical records

With this small step, we aim to change the whole dynamics of the diagnostic center using our compassionate care with advanced technology.