Qura Pathology
Comprehensive pathological tests that focus on accurate diagnosis and timely results
Qura Radiology
Full range of diagnostic imaging services using state-of-the-art technology
Qura Antenatal Labs
Special tests to screen and diagnose any existing problem that can affect the mother’s or baby’s health
Health Check-ups
Curated and customized packages to give a broad overview of your health status.

Experts in Fetal Imaging

Qura is the only diagnostic centre in Bhopal as well as in MP that possesses expert in Fetal Imaging. It is a science that allows the mother to diagnose the anomalies of the child through our genetic counselling.

Extended Care

Giving the right reports on deadlines is not our only concern. We look beyond. A physiotherapy centre, a specialised pharmacy,  24*7  ambulance availability and specialized polyclinics  for patient help us in taking good care of them.

Machines with cutting-edge technology

Using the latest technology available in Bhopal, we give results that can be relied upon by the medical professionals so that they can dispense services confidently. Accurate findings give peace in mind to patients too.

Dedicated and Qualified Staff

Qura team is compromised of world-class healthcare professionals and we believe that with qualified and compassionate staff can add a lot to the healthcare centre. Their expertise and commitment can change the dynamics of the healthcare world.

Medical Tests
Digital X-ray
Special Studies
Colour Doppler
Guided Interventions
Special Studies (3D/4D/HD Live)
Qura Services
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  • Qura Fetal Medicine
  • Qura Pathology
  • Qura Anetental Lab
  • Qura Physiotherapy
  • Qura Polyclinics
  • Qura Pharmacy
  • Qura Genetic Counselling
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